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With the legalization of the sale and distribution of marijuana taking place in Canada, the question arises, “Can a medical marijuana prescription serve the purpose of a medical marijuana license?” Medical marijuana is used to treat patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and spasticity. It is considered a necessary part of their care.

It has been researched that people with multiple sclerosis take great lengths to prevent being aware of the symptoms. Edibles There is no risk to them of abuse or addiction. In fact, it has been said that the more severe the disease is afflicted, the more dangerous is the possession of marijuana. A diagnosis of a terminal condition should be accompanied by the advisement of a physician.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are such that are extremely debilitating to the patient. People who suffer from the disease often believe that they can not lead normal lives. This is what leads many people to believe that there are also some negative consequences for possessing marijuana.

Most countries have recognized the benefits of marijuana for multiple sclerosis. However, there is one restriction for those patients who have been prescribed marijuana by a physician. If the patient is no longer under the care of a physician, he or she is not allowed to take marijuana. The possession of marijuana is punishable under Canadian law.

Cannabis should not be considered as medicine or drug. It is a drug which gives the user an altered mental state that allows the mind to function in ways it normally would not be able to. It does not get to that much in which it makes the person hallucinate or has no effects at all. The medicinal value of this drug is in its psychoactive properties.

Under Canadian law, possession of cannabis is not deemed as a valid license for those who are under the care of a physician. The reason why the government is doing this is because the legalization of the sale and distribution of marijuana has long been an issue in Canada. Even though the study into the medical uses of marijuana is still ongoing, there have been numerous cases where the patients in question were prosecuted.

To avoid prosecution under the present set of rules for those who are suffering from a debilitating disease, several doctors have been prescribing medical marijuana. This has not only been seen in Canada, but other countries have followed suit.

When a person who is under the care of a physician is offered medicinal use of marijuana, the doctor would be required to give the patient a written prescription. Any prescription can only be given by a licensed physician. The prescribing physician would be required to sign the prescription along with the patient.

To prevent the abuse of this drug, there are certain restrictions which are outlined in Canadian laws. It is illegal to possess marijuana while under the influence of alcohol. However, those who have taken it in the past are exempt from prosecution.

Marijuana is classified as a controlled substance. It is illegal to possess, produce, transport, import, export, manufacture, advertise, administer, sell, or distribute the drug. Persons who are found guilty face fines, imprisonment, and/or forfeiture of the drug.

To add to the debate, a draft bill has been introduced in Canada, which would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana. The legal age for users to be of legal age to do so would be eighteen years of age. In addition, it would also make the distribution of marijuana legal for medical purposes.

The right to use marijuana for medicinal purposes has been raised in Canada. The way forward will be determined by those who are affected by the disease, doctors, patients, and members of the community.



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